Teaser image of zine.

Wenn es dunkel wird, kommst du nach Hause!

A short story taking you into the darkness...

... deeper and deeper, image by image. None of them were staged. They lay waiting, out there, patiently, in the streets of my city which i roamed year after year.

I just had to walk these streets, again and again and again, collect them, connect them, image by image, waiting for the story to unfold.

Photos of zine content.

"Wenn es dunkel wird, kommst du nach Hause!"

40 pages
24 + 1 black&white photographs
limited edition of 36 numbered copies

You can order your copy of this zine in my Etsy shop Haunted little things.

"The empty parks and the stark buildings give a sense of lonliness [...]" (Bellamy Hunt)
"There's a haunting kind of feeling [...] creepy" (Matt Day)