Teaser image of zine.

Wenn es dunkel wird, kommst du nach Hause!

A short story taking you into the darkness.

Told in 24 black&white photographs. This zine is printed as a limited edition of 36 copies.

Photos of zine content.

"Wenn es dunkel wird, kommst du nach Hause!"

40 pages
24 + 1 black&white photographs
limited edition of 36 numbered copies

A copy of this zine is available for 8 EUR (+ 4 EUR shipping if you are living outside of germany).
Just drop me a line at contact[at]matthiaskuempel.de

Link to vimeo video of the zine.

"The empty parks and the stark buildings give a sense of lonliness [...]" (Bellamy Hunt)
"There's a haunting kind of feeling [...] creepy" (Matt Day)